Friday, August 17, 2018

sword3D_chung 3D openGL fps hack and slash game

sword3D chung is a 3D sword fps hack and slash game created with "perso3D_chung" with 99 randomized vaste maps , castles, dungeons, monsters, swords, shield, horses, persos .it is written in easy fast compiled freebasic .



Thursday, August 16, 2018

midi quantization trial added to midipiano_chung recorder

i have added a midi quantize trial to free open source midipiano_chung's recorder for score edition of non synchromized midifiles.
to access
midipiano_chung => W(record) => A(noautochord) => S(save) => Q(quantize to midifile)

musescore quantize only


"midipiano" quantize + musescore

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

karaoke_chung /resynth mp3 player version of mp3tomid_chung

karaoke chung is a mp3 player version of mp3tomid_chung , using the discrete fourier transform of mp3tomid_chung to add resynthesis special effects (no it's not a karaoke) to the played mp3 sound .It is written in fast freebasic .
Not better, different.


resynth harmonics 1,2,3

Saturday, June 9, 2018

glvideotexture_chung video to 3D openGL textures conversion

glvideotexture chung is a small video loops  (about 11secs 9fps) to 3D openGL textures (12 textures 1024 or 512 or 256 jpg per video , 8 images per texture) converter with demo game example animated 3D seashore island written in compiled freebasic . Uses classic openGL (i dont like modern openGL, all i expect from openGL is easy to use and fast enough), can run on old pcs (no glsl). The generated textures (jpg) can be used in any apps. A single sub determines the texture number and its coords according to time.

link =>

seashore 3D video =>

(02/07/2018) sailships with wind sail simulation added

Thursday, May 24, 2018

freewebcar_chung free 3D openstreetmap & bing static maps car / flight sim game in freebasic

freewebcar chung is a free 3D bing static maps / openstreetmap osm web car / foot / flight / balloon / horse simulator game with real world data and sandbox car traffic written in compiled freebasic using http/https web sockets and opengl . Visit thousands unlimited towns and airports in a real open world .osm realtime,save,load,reload on startup,add scenary as much as you want
requires 400 up to 890Mo free memory (warning is sent if fre(0)<50M => confirm reset scene)
can run on ordinary notebooks with intel hd graphics. Visit your home.
The view is larger and more beautifull than webgl.
If you use a firewall, http sockets must be granted.
Can export osm buildings to obj file.

you can find it there =>   
sample video =>
          balloon =>
      new york  =>    
           copter  =>  
   rijeka island  =>      
(22/02/2017) retroviseur added
(31/03/2017) buildings & trees shadows added
(01/04/2017) buildings names added
(04/04/2017) ballon added
(25/04/2017) cars, panels, lamps, bridges shadows added
(26/04/2017) buildings parts details added   
(30/04/2017) ride horse added
(08/05/2017) draw seashore added
(04/06/2017) displays current road name
(25/07/2017) hand mouse mode added
(26/07/2017) night airports view added
(29/07/2017) flight in formation added (1..10 planes)
(02/08/2017) reduced memory use (redim) & warning added
(09/08/2017) bing maps imagery support added
(30/11/2017) tunnels added
(04/12/2017) copter added
(20/04/2018) cigale, sauterelle, cricket added
(15/05/2018) real time air traffic added
(22/07/2018) export near buildings to obj file added



Tuesday, April 3, 2018

mydecay_chung free VST audio effect plugin

mydecay chung is a free audio VST effect plugin for your computer to enlarge sounds duration by adding controlled reverb. Compatible with freemp3_chung, freemp3_chungVST, midipiano_chung, midipiano_chungVSTI, fb_chungVST , dsp_chung plugin/plugin2/plugin3 custom plugin support. Written in c++ and freebasic .

you can find it here =>

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

midivelo_chung midiin to midiout velocity effects

midivelo chung is a free midi velocity multi effects application for your computer .
take midimsg in midiin port, apply velocity curve , delay on noteoff (sustain) , autovol , dual (layer) then send to midiout port. Written in fast freebasic .

click here =>

(11/03/2018) dual (layer) function added to simulate dual layered ctk6200 sounds

Saturday, February 17, 2018

dsp_chung universal dsp sound effects for your computer

dsp chung is a free universal dsp sound effects program for your computer .Chooze the input sound port (for example the line in entry of an external usb sound card) then dsp effects (autovol/compressor , reverb, automodulation, decay, plugins compatible with midipiano_chung) will be applied and sent to the selected output sound port (for example the system mixer) . The program is written in compiled freebasic , source code is included in the zip file .

click here =>

example of use : connect the entry to the mic of your webcam and the output to the system speakers to add reverb to your ambient sound (beware of larsen effect).
can be used as a single virtual active audio cable.

Friday, February 16, 2018

piano sounds / panels settings for casio ctk6200 / wk6600 keyboard

here is a demo of my new casio ctk6200 keyboard with custom piano, song1, dsp and mixer settings.
played by midi chung and recorded with audacity

=> my piano   (uses flash player)

download my free ctk user tones userdata files (27/04/2018)
 (use with casio datamanager 6.1 or copy the MUSICDAT folder to a sdhc memory card)

however , for listening midifiles i prefer midipiano_chung , even if with midivelo_chung and the dual layer function the ctk6200 becomes fantastic .
you can also connect dsp_chung between lineout and linein of the ctk6200 to add external reverb and decay effect , i have added a "testloop" button to adjust gain to avoid feedback larsen oscillations .
note : the ctk6200 alone is not bad too.

example wiith dsp_chung

=> ctk_dsp    (uses flash player)
=> mixer_loop    (uses flash player)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

universal chord generation from single notes

I have updated autochord / brainchord function of midipiano_chung / brainpiano_chung / brainpiano2 chung  so it can add  chord generation to any melody (even single notes) from another song without too much detune .

link =>     

(06/02/2018) 7th minor/major test added to autochord