Tuesday, October 31, 2017

peekenhancer_chung free audio enhancer VST plugin effect

peekenhancer chung is a cheap and free audio enhancer VST plugin effect for your computer. Compatible with freemp3_chung, freemp3_chungVST, midipiano_chung, midipiano_chungVSTI, fb_chungVST plugin/plugin2/plugin3 custom plugin support.

=> https://sourceforge.net/projects/peekenhancer/ (980k)

(23/01/2013) scale vst sample bug corrected
(29/01/2013) save, load added
(30/01/2013) select skin and color added  F1=>help
(31/10/2017) added automod (automodulation , simulates piano deformations)

Monday, September 11, 2017

autochord added to free open source midipiano_chung

(21/06/2014) autochord with  learn (chords) functions added to recorder/player
with this you can listen to a song with the chords of an other or saved/loaded data or create chord data with the automatic learn function (play to chord). works with the midi input too (ex: usb midi keyboard or external midi music player like midi_chung). No musical notation knowledge required , is based on tune independent notes sequences detection and chord memory .
( auto adds chords to any melody )
(note:dont use brain chord with mp3tomid_chung as it eats cpu) 

(09/12/2016) enhanced autochord generation and learning
(07/09/2017) enhanced autochord mode
(11/09/2017) neural network brainpiano_chung auto chord version added
(21/09/2017) brainpiano2_chung custom neural network music generator added
(07/10/2017) algorithmic music player added
(08/10/2017) me playing songs added
(15/10/2017) Fann networks support added

Thursday, August 24, 2017

myOCR_chung free OCR char recognition and neural brain in freebasic

myOCR chung is a small highly accurate OCR char recognition and neural network brain demo written in freebasic .

=>  https://sourceforge.net/projects/myocr-chung/ 

(30/08/2017) neural network brain with dichotomic optimization added
(03/09/2017) brain learn / forget added

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

about windows security

All these programs are not registred at Microsoft . So if you receive a message from windows security, bypass it if you trust, otherwise dont use .

Thursday, April 20, 2017

mydungeon_chung free hack & slash 2D dungeon massacre game

mydungeon chung is a small hack & slash dungeon massacre game based on "dungeon crawl" graphics where you have to kill hordes of monsters hunting you to escape , and find potions and shields items to survive . it is written in freebasic and uses openGL .

click here =>  https://sourceforge.net/projects/mydungeon-chung/

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The_Four_Orbs_chung free rpg game using rpg_chung game engine

The_four_orbs_chung is a rpg text like game with 3D dungeon created with rpg_chung old fashion game engine .

you can find it here =>  https://sourceforge.net/projects/the-four-orbs/   

Friday, April 7, 2017

rpg_chung free rpg text interactive fiction like game

rpg_chung is a rpg text like game engine with 3D laby view and random dungeons maps generation. It is written in freebasic and can be compared as a game chatbot inspired from the first "the hobbit" game.

click here =>  https://sourceforge.net/projects/rpgchung/  (1.7Mo)

(01/04/2014) rpg_chung_french version added
(07/04/2017) TTS speech added

Thursday, March 23, 2017

displaymidi_chung show midi input port incoming notes on score like screen

displaymidi chung is a free small aplication that displays any incoming notes from the choozen midi input port on a score like screen .

you can find it there => https://sourceforge.net/projects/displaymidi-chung/?source=navbar

Thursday, January 12, 2017

flightcombat_chung_web realtime web google static maps / openstreetmap desktop flight / car simulator

flightcombat_chung_web is a free realtime google static maps imagery / openstreetmap realtime osm airports bridges and buildings web connected via httppost sockets desktop application  version of flightcombat_chung 3D flight / foot / car simulator .
fly in formation, give wingmen orders, start massive dogfight , or explore any place in the world with real satellite views and osm towns with messages from thousands worldwide airports with real names and radar display .

you can find it there => https://sourceforge.net/projects/flightcombatchu/files/web/  (download flightcombat_chung_web.zip file)

(09/10/2016) new combo menu added

other version, with full buildings contours data and enhanced car sim
                             =>  https://sourceforge.net/projects/flightcombatchu/files/web2/

note : if you have a firewall, it must allow web sockets

(02/12/2016) web2 officials, churches, hospitals, shops added
(18/12/2016) web2 gasstations & railstations added
(21/12/2016) full save / load scenary with osm
(25/12/2016) osm roads added
(11/01/2017) car autopilot added [P]key
(12/01/2017) lamps, forests, cows added