Monday, October 28, 2019

resonance_chung free music piano like reverb VST effect

resonance chung is a free VST plugin effect compatible with VST steinberg, fb_chungVST , midipiano_chung , freemp3_chung music plugins support.
It aims to simulate the increase of reverberation with the number of played notes like in a real acoustic piano . a quick fft small fourier transform is used to estimate a number of played notes and modify the reverb rate in real time.
Is written in easy fast freebasic .

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

wavtomid_chung high quality polyphonic audio wav to midi converter

wavtomid chung is an accurate high quality polyphonic audio wav / mp3 to mid midi midifile converter conversion trial free open source written in easy compiled freebasic . new algorythm almost as good as the original with a piano song .

link =>

mp3 example => most_beautifull_day_low.mp3
mid created    => most_beautifull_day_low.mid  (updated)
mid as mp3    => most_beautifull_day_mid.mp3      

(14/10/2019) random neural network like filter option added
(01/11/2019) can load mp3 files (uses libMAD)
(13/11/2019) new spectrum filter

midivelo_chung midiin to midiout velocity effects

midivelo chung is a free midi velocity multi effects application for your computer .
take midimsg in midiin port, apply velocity curve , delay on noteoff (sustain) , autovol , dual (layer) then send to midiout port. Written in fast freebasic . I use it between my midi player and the ctk6200 piano. midi_chung + midivelo_chung + (ctk6200 or midipiano_chung)
Finaly i connect it to my casio wk7600 as input and the same as feedback output to add virtual layer with delay on noteoff and resonance . Can be used as a piano instrument when output to midi mapper.

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(11/03/2018) dual (layer) function added to reproduce dual layered ctk6200 sounds
(28/02/2018) enhanced velocity autovol & tweak function
(20/10/2019) resonance added + bugs fixes

Sunday, August 25, 2019

seaworld_chung free world sea coast sail exploration game

seaworld chung is a small fps sandbox game where you can sail settle trade explore some world seas coast with video realistic sea ocean seashore water sim simulation in 3D opengl freebasic gui_chung .


(10/10/2019) settle & trade added

Monday, July 29, 2019

seashore_chung 3D island ocean seashore sandbox game

seashore chung is a 3D opengl seashore beach island swim / wind sailship / horse ride / dive underwater explore sandbox game with ocean sea animated textures made with glvideotexture_chung and buildings town obj exported from freewebcar_chung written in easy fast freebasic .


(25/02/2019) woman horses riders added
(17/04/2019) tyrex, giant spider fight mode added


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

minimidi_chung free midi player using midipiano_chungDLL

minimidi_chung is a free midi player (up to 11 stations midi folders, 100 midifiles per folder) with repeat (all, rnd, one)  using midipiano_chungDLL lite dll player version of midipiano_chung (freeware 2013) with unique acoustic piano sound. One of the program i use the most : just double click and let the music play .
Can run on a small netbook.

=>   (4.5Mo)

Friday, May 24, 2019

midiscore_chung a small program for step by step edit music

midiscore chung is a small program for easy step by step record with auto quantize compose edit music song using a midi keyboard entering play chord and control with some piano keys and save / load from pc or export / import as midifile . a freebasic program . enhanced realtime record adds sustain delay and velocity variation effect according to number of played notes (resonance)
can also enter notes with the pc keyboard

link =>


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

freetanks_chung free 3D tanks cannon battle game

freetanks_chung is a free 3D openGL tanks version of cross_car_chung (flight/car simulation) with tanks cannon battle.
It is written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung. Can run on a small netbook with windows 7.Joystick and gamepad supported.

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(18/09/2011) domes, towers targets added
(25/01/2013) suspensions selection added
(13/05/2019) new tank views added (K key)


Friday, March 29, 2019

gentext_chung text generation based on SORT algorythm

gentext genmidi chung is a small text generation / midi piano music gen generator based on SORT dychotomic algorythm (inspired from ai neural networks RNN LSTM and Markov chains but not at all the same) .Trained with an input text file , it can generate random variants text / music stream in response to user input or freely (user enters empty input) or non stop. Written in easy fast compiled freebasic. Generates midi music when load miditext txt files saved with brainpiano3 of midipiano_chung . No cuda or openCL required can run on a ordinary pc . genmidi_chung version added for data size x2 (+ works with notes variations instead of absolute values) + select midi output port. Can be an alternative to standard playlist . Included utilities can generate txt files from midi files folder and merge txt folder into single txt file .


(09/09/2019) genmidi2_chung new melody sort version of genmidi added

 new video =>
virtual tchaiko =>
virtual bill evans =>
virtual carpenters =>

virtual Bach =>
virtual debby =>

Thursday, March 28, 2019

brainpiano3 SORT not neural network music generation

(28/03/2019) midipiano_chung update : braipiano3 SORT brainsong computer made music generator algorythm trial added (non neural network : sort sequences instead of training + dichotomic search as inference) works as well as neural networks and requires much less computing.(1 second training)


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Paris quartier latin avec openstreetmap

Paris quartier latin openstreetmap freewebcar chung osm freewebcar_chung freebasic

Saturday, February 2, 2019

brainCL_chung openCL accelerated neural network computing

brainCL chung is a small program with dll to compute 3 to 4 layers neural networks with bulk training learn input data to bulk output data using openCL (cpu or gpu) acceleration written in freebasic .