Sunday, October 20, 2019

midivelo_chung midiin to midiout velocity effects

midivelo chung is a free midi velocity multi effects application for your computer .
take midimsg in midiin port, apply velocity curve , delay on noteoff (sustain) , autovol , dual (layer) then send to midiout port. Written in fast freebasic . I use it between my midi player and the ctk6200 piano. midi_chung + midivelo_chung + (ctk6200 or midipiano_chung)
Finaly i connect it to my casio wk7600 as input and the same as feedback output to add virtual layer with delay on noteoff and resonance . Can be used as a piano instrument when output to midi mapper.

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(11/03/2018) dual (layer) function added to reproduce dual layered ctk6200 sounds
(28/02/2018) enhanced velocity autovol & tweak function
(20/10/2019) resonance added + bugs fixes

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