Monday, December 21, 2015

3D talking avatar faces free open source chatbot game

look at my new chatbot 3D talking avatars faces i created with latest updated face3D_chung


(25/12/2015) talk3D_chung simple example of using obj models created with face3D_chung added


Sunday, November 29, 2015

grass nature scenary demo openGL with cross_car_chung

tips : in cross_car_chung (freeware) you can set the nature scenary grass height with ctrl+G keys and also change the grass texture (see combo)

=> cross_car_chung

=>  (grass + forest_chung + webgl)


Sunday, August 2, 2015

mywebglflightspace free webgl 3D space flight simulator

mywebglflightspace chung is a free webgl 3D space flight simulator with shaders written in html5 and javascript. Every single spot in the sky is an explorable stellar system with real coordinates and color from hipparcos database query (1000 nearest stars) . Explore distant nebula s .You can also shoot at other spaceships and destroy them .Can run on a small netbook.

play here => mywebglflightspace.html   

source code and files  =>  (20Mo)

(06/08/2015) I key : stars info (name, type)
(10/08/2015) spaceship explosions added
(11/08/2015) proxy radar added
(13/08/2015) htmlaudio support added (for iexplorer, webaudio otherwise)
(15/08/2015) load/save games menu added (source available)
(20/08/2015) export/import gamesaves to file added

Friday, June 19, 2015

cputime small free cpu / memory usage display

cputime chung is a small cpu - memory usage displayer allways visible at the right/bottom corner of the screen written in freebasic .Click on window and press escape 5 seconds to close.


Monday, April 27, 2015

openstreetmap 3D car simulation / glsl shadows without depth texture for basic webgl

here you can find a online demo of fast full shadow mapping without depth or float texture for basic html5 webgl that doesnt have these features.(works better with firefox) , and webglcarsimheight , a free 3D osm car / foot / flight / sailship game using real world osm openstreetmap realtime online data .
drive or fly on millions kilometers of real world roads and thousands towns all over the world.

works with firefox,chrome (no webaudio in iexplorer, faster but irregular and no localhost mode with chrome as chrome dont loads local images files.). Works well with N3540 cpu based notebook.

=> json_osmall_webgl_shadow.html

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_shadow.html  (with car sim)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_noshadow.html  (idem with no shadow) 

download source here =>  (6Mo)

note : your browser must support html5 localstorage

(04/05/2015) new radio [R] added
(20/05/2015) stop, cross panels added
(21/05/2015) speak voice added
(24/05/2015) autopilot mode added
(27/05/2015) 3rd view car model added
(05/06/2015) cars traffic added
(09/06/2015) mouse on screen control added
(26/06/2015) city panels added , switchable shadows
(30/06/2015) click on google maps to teleport
(03/07/2015) eiffeltower,libertystatue,christrio,domerock,gizah,capitol,tajmahal,buddah added
(05/07/2015) autopilot forward added, click on screen to move cockpit,reclick to reset
(06/07/2015) static/moving shadows
(12/07/2015) fog added
(15/07/2015) rocs added
(19/07/2015) draw far land added
(20/07/2015) mystreetview added (shif+M)
(21/07/2015) foot ascend mode (climb walls) added (A)
(23/07/2015) clouds shadow added
(20/08/2015) save/load export/import file gamesave
(09/10/2015) long roads and bridges support
(13/10/2015) optimized shadows shaders (fps 10->20)
(13/10/2015) bridges added to noshadow version (fps 28)
(14/10/2015) woman panel, church added
(19/10/2015) city distance panels added
(05/11/2015) winter scenary added
(28/11/2015) toyota, volvo cockpit added
(10/12/2015) half fog, cadillac cockpit added
(13/12/2015) mercedes,ford cockpits , logan cars added
(17/01/2016) tunnels added
(13/03/2016) gran trees added according to ground texture
(21/03/2016) moves in mystreetview view updates position
(22/03/2016) enhanced car fly mode (Q key)
(24/03/2016) press space or esc to quit mystreetview view
(26/03/2016) grass added
(08/04/2016) seawaves and sailable sailships added
(05/07/2017) roads names added

Thursday, March 12, 2015

openstreetmap osm roads data to html5 arrays 3D car sim

json_osm_chung is an open source realtime online converting openstreetmap servers osm real roads data to html5 arrays to use with a game or in this example to draw on a graphical canvas or 3D webgl. Use the arrow keys to move or select one of the presets locations. recreate any real roads + buildings places in the world . mixed with google static maps satellite ground images , water terrain detection , srtm terrain heightmaps, trees , lamps,  and webglcarsimheight  a small free 3D driving car simulation game. Can  run on a small netbook. works better with firefox .

how does it work ? In osm, you have ways and nodes. A way is a line of nodes, nodes composed by latitude and longitude . A way can discribe a road, a building contour, a forest contour, an airport ...  All this is available online in realtime via json javascript api .(nothing to install)

explore real 3D world in your car 

=> json_osm.html     (roads)

=> jsonosmall.html    (roads+buildings)

=> json_osm_webgl.html   (roads+3D webgl)

=> json_osmall_webgl.html   (roads+buildings+3D webgl+google static maps)

=> json_osmall_webglcar.html  (idem+car)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsim.html  (idem+car simulation+trees)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight.html   (idem+car sim+trees+terrain height+lamps+forests)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_shadow.html   (idem with shadows shaders)

open source code =>

desktop enhanced version  in freebasic

 (15/04/2015) sea shader added
(04/06/2015) cars traffic added
(09/06/2015) mouse on screen control added
(30/06/2015) click on google maps to teleport
(03/07/2015) eiffeltower,libertystatue,christrio,domerock,gizah,capitol,tajmahal,buddah added
(12/07/2015) fog added
(15/07/2015) rocs added
(19/07/2015) draw far land added
(20/07/2015) mystreetview added (shif+M)
(21/07/2015) ascend mode (climb walls) added (A)
(23/07/2015) clouds shadow added

Sunday, January 18, 2015

mywebglflight free 3D webgl / bing static maps flight simulator

here you can find my open source online 3D webgl flight / car simulator with shaders (nothing to download)
arrows : turn    pageup/pagedown : motor    H : help
Comes with a small riding hack & slash fighting game forest_chung with trees, grass, rocs, monsters
You can also go to any place around the world with bing static maps earth satellite images (shift+G flyto). Fly over africa with 3D moving horses, zebras, elephants, girafes, antilopes, birds. Can run on a small netbook .

works better with firefox32, also with chrome, not ie11(no webaudio),don't forget to enable javascript

=>   (with srtm data & dogfight & car)




test if you can run webgl =>
(12/10/2014) web audio api sounds instead of html5 audio
(13/10/2014) yougo, grece, hawai, japan added
(15/10/2014) skydome added
(17/10/2014) egypt, vietnam added + real weather
(20/10/2014) raindrops on cockpit added
(22/10/2014) optional game save cookie added
(23/10/2014) joystick and gamepad supported
(25/10/2014) foot mode added
(11/11/2014) forest_chung small hack&slash version added
(14/11/2014) small jscompile_chung javascript compressor / compiler added
(18/11/2014) resize window support
(17/01/2015) worldwide google static maps satellite images added
(18/01/2015) flyto geolocation added
(21/01/2015) many preset places added
(25/01/2015) draw airports added
(26/01/2015) tanks added
(28/01/2015) buildings added
(30/01/2015) cssscale added (lowerres<=>faster)
(01/02/2015) faster rotates for fps<10
(03/02/2015) alphajet added
(16/02/2015) satellite srtm elevation data added
(18/02/2015) start/stop dogfight added (shift+D)
(23/02/2015) wild horses added
(25/02/2015) minimal cockpit added
(01/03/2015) elephants, girafes, zebras, antilopes, birds added
(04/03/2015) car mode added
(24/06/2018) bing not google

source  =>