Monday, April 27, 2015

openstreetmap 3D car simulation / glsl shadows without depth texture for basic webgl

here you can find a online demo of fast full shadow mapping without depth or float texture for basic html5 webgl that doesnt have these features.(works better with firefox) , and webglcarsimheight , a free 3D osm car / foot / flight / sailship game using real world osm openstreetmap realtime online data .
drive or fly on millions kilometers of real world roads and thousands towns all over the world.

works with firefox,chrome (no webaudio in iexplorer, faster but irregular and no localhost mode with chrome as chrome dont loads local images files.). Works well with N3540 cpu based notebook.

=> json_osmall_webgl_shadow.html

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_shadow.html  (with car sim)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_noshadow.html  (idem with no shadow) 

download source here =>  (6Mo)

note : your browser must support html5 localstorage

(04/05/2015) new radio [R] added
(20/05/2015) stop, cross panels added
(21/05/2015) speak voice added
(24/05/2015) autopilot mode added
(27/05/2015) 3rd view car model added
(05/06/2015) cars traffic added
(09/06/2015) mouse on screen control added
(26/06/2015) city panels added , switchable shadows
(30/06/2015) click on google maps to teleport
(03/07/2015) eiffeltower,libertystatue,christrio,domerock,gizah,capitol,tajmahal,buddah added
(05/07/2015) autopilot forward added, click on screen to move cockpit,reclick to reset
(06/07/2015) static/moving shadows
(12/07/2015) fog added
(15/07/2015) rocs added
(19/07/2015) draw far land added
(20/07/2015) mystreetview added (shif+M)
(21/07/2015) foot ascend mode (climb walls) added (A)
(23/07/2015) clouds shadow added
(20/08/2015) save/load export/import file gamesave
(09/10/2015) long roads and bridges support
(13/10/2015) optimized shadows shaders (fps 10->20)
(13/10/2015) bridges added to noshadow version (fps 28)
(14/10/2015) woman panel, church added
(19/10/2015) city distance panels added
(05/11/2015) winter scenary added
(28/11/2015) toyota, volvo cockpit added
(10/12/2015) half fog, cadillac cockpit added
(13/12/2015) mercedes,ford cockpits , logan cars added
(17/01/2016) tunnels added
(13/03/2016) gran trees added according to ground texture
(21/03/2016) moves in mystreetview view updates position
(22/03/2016) enhanced car fly mode (Q key)
(24/03/2016) press space or esc to quit mystreetview view
(26/03/2016) grass added
(08/04/2016) seawaves and sailable sailships added
(05/07/2017) roads names added

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