Monday, May 24, 2021

photo3D_chung relief effect for jpg or animated gif image / seashore3D_chung / galaxy_chung 3D freebasic

photo3D chung is a free freebasic program to display photo 2D jpg or animated gif image with a 3D bas-relief effect (put your images and animation frames in the "media/" folder ) . It is written in freebasic and uses gui_chung and openGL with normals and lighting .
switchable mono/stereo option to use with stereo bicolor red/cyan glasses (anaglyph) .
seashore3D_chung new animated seashore scene application added with animated sea , trees , girl , sky
galaxy_chung display 3d galaxy flight game using opengl primitives for any axis free 3D space fly matrix rotation calculation (just uses opengl , no external lib)

link =>

Saturday, May 1, 2021

mp3folder_chung free mp3 folder player

 mp3folder chung is a mp3 folder player for windows written in freebasic.
copy _mp3folder_chung (.exe) application file in the mp3 folder of your choice , run the program and it will play the mp3 in the folder .



Monday, February 8, 2021

autoreverb_chung a free universal reverb effect

autoreverb chung is a universal reverb effect that takes any sound from the selected input (ex : the system mixer) and sends its reverb to the selected output (ex : the output speakers) with time delay, volume, and up to six plugins tone dsp effects . When connected to to system mixer as input and output , it adds reverb effects to all the computer's any incoming sounds . It is written in freebasic and runs as a standalone application .Connected to the mic as input and external distant speakers as output , it can add extra reverb echo to the room where you play music piano instrument even not connected to the computer . I use it with a Roland go piano ConcertGrand and it sounds better than a real piano.

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

freebasic , the power of C and the simplicity of Basic

freebasic  with fbedit and gui_chung , the power of C plus the simplicity of Basic

link =>      more than 100Mflops on a cheap pc

Saturday, January 23, 2021

mypiano_jukebox best free standalone virtual piano midi player

 mypiano_jukebox is one of the best free open source standalone virtual piano midi folder player for now  , unless it is copyied .

harp0 - harp9 + piano shape selection

link =>     



Monday, December 21, 2020

minimidi2_chung a mypiano_chung bass.dll piano version of minimidi_chung

minimidi2_chung is a mypiano_chung bass dll bass.dll version of minimidi_chung midi midifiles folders  player with virtual acoustic piano recorded on Isabelle's upright piano with a smartphone . The sounds reverb , chorus , and volume is variable with the number of played notes and the sustain switch, like a real piano



Sunday, December 20, 2020

mypiano_chung free bass.dll virtual acoustic piano

 mypiano chung is a free open source small high quality midi virtual acoustic piano using bassdll bass.dll and gui_chung . It is written in freebasic and runs as a standalone application .

mypiano, myKawai, myMix , myCity , mySteinway (5 base sounds)


Friday, December 4, 2020

pianoscore_chung a bass.dll piano version of midiscore_chung

pianoscore chung is a bass virtual piano mypiano as midiout version of midiscore_chung step by step midi composition program . Is a small program for easy step by step compose record edit midi music song with optional quantize using a midi keyboard entering play chord and control with some piano keys and save / load from pc or export / import as midifile .

 It uses bassdll bass.dll lib in small simple mypiano_chung virtual acoustic piano recorded on a real upright piano with dynamic reverb, chorus and effects varying with the number of played notes . Written in freebasic . midioutshortmsg direct process in program avoid one stage midiout cable latency .

Can auto correct correction score according to preloaded SYStestchord data. 

Added randomized playback impro variation of large files .


Friday, November 13, 2020

gdi_gif a gif player with fullscreen autoreverse loop speed prev next

 gdi_gif chung is a small animated gif image player with auto fullscreen autoreverse loop speed step and prev next file in folder using windows gdiplus written in open source freebasic

you can find it here =>         

Thursday, September 17, 2020

myCesiumflight osm openstreetmap buildings 3D

a cesiumjs flight game with 3D buildings, airports, towns, bridges, and clouds .
a webgl open source game (nothing to install)

click here => myCesiumflight 

fullscreen =>   myCesiumflight       
older version =>  myCesiumfly   

sandcastle bridges =>  sandcastle bridges      (most recent version, source code)

fullscreen with bridges =>  mycesiumflight bridges   (most recent version)
(29/09/2020) currently works with chrome,edge, to try firefox