Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tilecity_chung free modified version of Tilecity3D openGL car/flight/town game

Tilecity_chung is a free 3D car in the city building game from an openb3d demo by Ogg ( added car / flight / tank simulator + edit , load , save map + cars traffic + gui windows + heightmaps + car racing + houses + trees + grass + skydome + sounds + performances boost + shooting +boats  + tanks +  redlights + stops + lamps + heighmaps edit)

 It is written in compiled  freebasic and uses openB3D (open source b3d blitzmax game engine for freebasic). Source code is included in the zip file.Can run on a small netbook with windows 7.

Create a map file (text format 64x64) and explore a 3D openGL town with sea, towers, roads, highways, mounts, trees, houses, grass .
Drive cars among the town traffic , start races against computer driven cars, take a flight by plane to the airport or follow the other flying around cessna, pilot a tank , or shoot them down.
Edit the map with the integrated editor and look instantly your 3D creations.

Gamepad and joysticks supported.

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(17/12/2011) shooting cars and plane added
(21/12/2011) warship and radar added
(22/12/2011) tank cannon added
(30/12/2011) tanks (1..10) combat added
(11/08/2012) coloured buildings added
(12/08/2012) standard roads lines added
(14/08/2012) redlights and cars stop added
(15/08/2012) stops and lamps added
(16/08/2012) heightmaps edit,save,load,scale added
(17/08/2012) openB3d.dll updated (could cause memory leak)
(24/08/2012) look left/right/rear with hat/Right joystick/1,2 keys
(26/08/2012) gearbox (manual, automatic) added
(28/08/2012) Vumeter added , Lshift+arrows = look around
(29/08/2012) multi towertypes + textures added
(04/09/2012) pyramids changed to pines
(05/09/2012) car dynamics changed
(09/09/2012) car suspensions added
(10/09/2012) rear gear , carhorn added
(11/09/2012) handbrakes [ctrl], lights [L] added
(13/09/2012) gasStations added
(14/09/2012) customize vehicles added
(21/09/2012) commercials added
(23/09/2012) persos added
(24/09/2012) fog added [ctrl+F]
(24/09/2012) virages & priority panels added
(27/09/2012) stop2,stop3,editmap( flyto) added
(28/09/2012) increased custom weight effect
(01/10/2012) parkings added ("=" key)
(06/10/2012) shadows added (ctrl+S)
(11/11/2012) enhanced shadow, 3D walkers
(12/11/2012) radio added (ctrl+A)
(29/09/2013) midipiano_chungDLL radio added