Sunday, August 2, 2015

mywebglflightspace free webgl 3D space flight simulator

mywebglflightspace chung is a free webgl 3D space flight simulator with shaders written in html5 and javascript. Every single spot in the sky is an explorable stellar system with real coordinates and color from hipparcos database query (1000 nearest stars) . Explore distant nebula s .You can also shoot at other spaceships and destroy them .Can run on a small netbook.

play here => mywebglflightspace.html   

source code and files  =>  (20Mo)

(06/08/2015) I key : stars info (name, type)
(10/08/2015) spaceship explosions added
(11/08/2015) proxy radar added
(13/08/2015) htmlaudio support added (for iexplorer, webaudio otherwise)
(15/08/2015) load/save games menu added (source available)
(20/08/2015) export/import gamesaves to file added

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