Sunday, October 20, 2019

wavtomid_chung high quality polyphonic audio wav to midi converter

wavtomid chung is an accurate high quality polyphonic audio wav / mp3 to mid midi midifile converter conversion trial free open source written in easy compiled freebasic . new algorythm almost as good as the original with a piano song .

link =>

mp3 example => most_beautifull_day_low.mp3
mid created    => most_beautifull_day_low.mid  (updated)
mid as mp3    => most_beautifull_day_mid.mp3      

(14/10/2019) random neural network like filter option added
(01/11/2019) can load mp3 files (uses libMAD)
(13/11/2019) new spectrum filter   

(21/08/2020) mictomid_chung mic / mixer / wavein demo version added

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