Friday, March 29, 2019

gentext_chung text generation based on SORT algorythm

gentext genmidi chung is a small text generation / midi piano music gen generator based on SORT dychotomic algorythm (inspired from ai neural networks RNN LSTM and Markov chains but not at all the same) .Trained with an input text file , it can generate random variants text / music stream in response to user input or freely (user enters empty input) or non stop. Written in easy fast compiled freebasic. Generates midi music when load miditext txt files saved with brainpiano3 of midipiano_chung . No cuda or openCL required can run on a ordinary pc . genmidi_chung version added for data size x2 (+ works with notes variations instead of absolute values) + select midi output port. Can be an alternative to standard playlist . Included utilities can generate txt files from midi files folder and merge txt folder into single txt file .


(09/09/2019) genmidi2_chung new melody sort version of genmidi added

 new video =>
virtual tchaiko =>
virtual bill evans =>
virtual carpenters =>

virtual Bach =>
virtual debby =>

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