Monday, October 25, 2010

free 3D cross car openGL written in freebasic

cross_car_chung is a free 3D safari cross car / flight simulator / wind ship sail game using gui_chung and openGL ,written in compiled freebasic.can run on a small netbook.

you can find it there => (9Mo)

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(28/10/2010) horses added
(30/10/2010) zebras added
(02/11/2010) grass added
(11/11/2010) stars added
(16/11/2010) elephants added
(18/11/2010) girafes added
(20/11/2010) rhinos added
(22/11/2010) planes mode added
(25/11/2010) 2nd plane added
(28/11/2010) shooting added
(29/11/2010) plane radar added / smoke added
(03/12/2010) france, england heightmaps added
(05/12/2010) yougo, grece, zoom map added
(07/12/2010) ships added
(09/12/2010) sailships added
(10/12/2010) addon feature added
(11/12/2010) vietnam, westUS addon
(12/12/2010) japan, florida addon
(14/12/2010) kenya addon
(17/12/2010) enhanced performance
(18/12/2010) max fps selection added
(19/12/2010) smooth terrain (0-8) added
(20/12/2010) moving water terrain
(25/12/2010) wind sail ship mode added
(26/12/2010) tour (plane passenger) mode added
(29/12/2010) save, load, start option(reset/continue) added
(11/05/2012) select trees height added
(12/05/2012) forest heightmaps added
(13/05/2012) forest clearings color added
(24/01/2013) suspension selection added 
(11/02/2013) handbrakes added [ctrl]key / joy6

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MD2 loader with gui_chung

here is a small openGL md2 3D animated objects loader using gui_chung , with joints weapon and shield, terrain , houses and trees.

=>  (2Mo)