Monday, August 17, 2009

free openGL flight simulator in Liberty Basic

flightGL_chung is a free openGL flight simulator with editor i have written in Liberty Basic

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(08/09/2009) carb added
(09/09/2009) planes changed
(11/09/2009) hills added
(12/09/2009) lakes added
(18/10/2009) read joystick rudder added
(20/10/2009) edit mode : random trees added
(02/11/2009) ground selection added
(08/11/2009) ground maps textures added
(21/03/2010) visor change added (ground/air combat)

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description : flightGL_chung is a compact openGL flight simulator with combat simulation and integrated map editor.To install just unzip the zip file into c:\flightGL_chung folder.To play just run flightGL_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete unzipped folder.After instant load time, follow other planes while they fly accross the game area.Add objects directly in the scene with the map editor and see them instantly.Declare war or attack other planes and ground targets to experience combat.Joysticks and gamepad supported.FlightGL_chung is an Open source program written in Liberty Basic and openGL.Source file is included in the zip file.

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  1. Hey man can you make a tutorail on how you use LB with open GL? Also I can make it MP with winsock.dll and a perl server if I can leanr how to use open GL with lib GRR ;_;

    Keep up the good work your google rank is going up so that means views down't give up :D