Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sounds/panels for technics kn1400/kn1600 keyboard

here are some sounds /panels for the technics kn1400 /kn1600 musical keyboard
true piano sounds for kn1400

(to listen with earphones)

click there to download
=> kn1400_sounds/panels (9k)

(unzip the files then copy them on a floppy disk to load on the kn1400)

=> (13k)

(unzip a syx file to load with the freeware midiOx and send as sysex to the kn1400 via a midi usb cable. NB:to receive these dump sysex, you must be on the sysex dump panel of the kn1400)

examples of music recorded on my kn1400
=> moonriver.mp3
=> e3nemo.mp3
=> d6bewitched.mp3
=> e5millerdanse.mp3
=> c5butchkid.mp3
=> d2entree.mp3

more MP3 files => Chung at reverbnation

listen to it with my mp3_chung player + echo_chung :

<= enlarge