Thursday, September 30, 2010

gui_chung an easy way to make gui windows in freebasic

gui_chung is a compact freeware to program easy gui multi windows applications in freebasic , inspired from Liberty Basic easy gui coding syntax . I have done lots of projects with it.

you can find it there => 

(22/01/2012) controlsubs launched on vk_return key if it has focus (buttons,edittext)
(21/02/2012) gethinstance changed -> gui_chung can be used in submodules or .dlls

demo with irrlicht 3D engine =>  (2.5Mo)
openGL obj/3ds objects loader =>  (4Mo)

less than 100ko include files (, jpeg.dll)
compact easy and powerfull coding.
compatible with freebasic gfx, openGL, irrlicht 3D engine.
uses win32 api. may work with win64 .

example of windows programmed with gui_chung :

example of sample program :

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  1. great project, just i wish there is a track bar control