Monday, November 11, 2013

piratesGL_chung free 3D openGL wind sail sea fight cannons battle

piratesGL_chung is a 3D openGL windsail seafight pirate / flight simulator with wind simulation, sea, moving water terrain waves , real satellite coasts maps , ships and naval cannons combat battle against the computer . It uses gui_chung and openGL, and is written in compiled freebasic.

=>   (8Mo)

(20/08/2011) game easier
tips: let other ships shoot at you, then rush on them and sink them from near
(11/11/2013) multiplayer mode with appspot server added (F8 key)
                    (firefox & chrome only)
(12/11/2013) splash, soundbomb added
 (05/04/2016) war (stop/start) (off = sail only) added (W key)

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