Thursday, February 21, 2013

flightcombat_chung 3D openGL space / air / marine / ground combat flight simulator

flightcombat_chung is a free 3D openGL combat flight simulator (space, fly, car, boat) with real satellite countries sea and ground heightmaps. Attack and combat against ships DCA , land and repair on airships carrier, give wingmen orders and fly in formation, declare war or attack other planes to start massive dogfight.You can also explore vastes countries or planets by plane, foot, car or spacecraft.

it is a free open source program written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung and openGL.

=>   (zipped & unzip with 7zip)

addons => flightcombatchu/files/addon/

 (22/09/2015) added flightcombat_chung_web version with realtime httpget google static maps satellite worldwide ground images directly from desktop & srtm heightmaps & openstreetmap osm data
=>  (with full osm buildings shapes)

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(20/02/2011) 3rd person plane view added
(28/02/2011) some cockpits added
(01/03/2011) spitfire,bf109, p51d, f14 added
(05/03/2011) fog added, enhanced performances
(01/08/2011) new radar, b25_lowpoly
(18/08/2011) enhanced dynamics, game easyer
(05/12/2011) select level (easy,normal,hard) added
(23/05/2012) boats on radar, shoot b25 easier
(28/05/2012) shootable towers and domes added
(29/05/2012) airports and refueling added
(31/05/2012) westUS,florida,nepal added
(01/06/2012) shootable towns added
(06/08/2012) photorealistic ground textures added (map0...map4)
(07/08/2012) keyboard.txt file added to change keys if wanted
(15/02/2013) dirt roads between towns and airports
(16/02/2013) enhanced satellite heightmaps
(18/02/2013) scalez selection added
(19/02/2013) kenya added
(22/02/2013) new large 16bits addon Europe added
(24/02/2013) many new addons to download added
(27/02/2013) TTS speech voices added
(02/03/2013) bullets impact added
(03/03/2013) supersonic flight added
(04/03/2013) sea tide effect added
(06/03/2013) ground texture map=auto added
(11/03/2013) forests added
(12/03/2013) enhanced explosions
(13/03/2013) enhanced enemy airships shooting
(14/03/2013) space1 & orbiter flight added
(16/03/2013) orbital station & target added
(19/03/2013) avatars chatbots added (go to the space station)
(22/03/2013) Moon, Mars, Io added (talk to to space hostess)
(02/04/2013) interplanetary flight added
(05/12/2013) many towns objects added , gizeh,goldengate,paris 

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