Saturday, February 4, 2012

AIML_chung a free AIML standalone chatbot engine with dll in freebasic

AIML_chung is a free AIML standalone chat bot engine trial with dll , maths parser, synonyms substitutions , speech voices , and 3D photorealistics avatars, i have programmed in freebasic from scratch.Comes with GUI window and console examples, and a dll to use with other programming languages or to easily embed in your applications. Talk with your A.I. computer.

you can find it there =>  

(08/02/2012) learn features added
(09/02/2012) multi users feature added (say "my name is ...")
(10/02/2012) some bugs corrected
(12/02/2012) 3D openGL avatar added
(13/02/2012) <condition> bugs corrected + battledome.aiml
(16/02/2012) <maths></maths> features added
(17/02/2012) <think> bugs corrected
(18/02/2012) + test examples in c++ and LibertyBasicv4
(19/02/2012) AIMLclose() sub added to dll (to free memory)
(22/02/2012) my_espeak_dll + custom espeak voices menu added
(24/02/2012) TTS_chung_dll custom text to speech interface added
(26/02/2012) synonyms feature added
(28/02/2012) badanswer works (say "bad answer")
(07/03/2012) some bugs corrected, helen, anna, rebecca bots added
(16/03/2012) speaking 3D photorealistics avatars added
(20/03/2012) jean,audrey,ingrid,elise,carole,sophie avatars added
(24/03/2012) edit my_avatar added
(26/03/2012) 3D world mode added
(03/04/2012) enhanced espeak voices + avatar speaking
(05/03/2012) max number of categories raised to 250.000

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