Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MyDDDungeonsGL free 3D roguelike mod of DDDungeons

MyDDDungeonsGL is a free 3D openGL version of Deep Deadly Dungeons, Search for The Crown of alegare (free open source freebasic roguelike game) i have made from a game by  Richard Clark .Can run on a small netbook.

Added : 16->32 pixels sprites, window resized, animations, joystick, 3D openGL view + textures + lighting + more monsters

you can find it there => https://sourceforge.net/projects/mydddungeonsgl/   (3.5 Mo)

(13/10/2012) fullscreen mode added (F9)
(14/10/2012) player1..8 , prev/nextlevel  memory added
(16/10/2012) shop added (G) + fullscreen mode corrected
(22/10/2012) gothic font added
(23/10/2012) land level0 added
(24/10/2012) orbs easier to find
(24/10/2012) spider,velociraptor,gnome,war ogre,giant spider
(25/10/2012) doom,demon,wing demon,war angel,evil spider
(26/10/2012) evil scorpion,chest, rednaga, greennaga,cobra
(28/10/2012) two handed weapons give twice damage
(08/11/2012) evil orc,red dragon,blue dragon,savage ogre
(16/06/2013) TTS voice added
(02/04/2014) myDDDungeonsGL_french version added


  1. I've linked to this on the forum for my own project, which is in the same vein. You'd probably like it :)