Monday, December 22, 2014

chatbot_chung free simple keywords entertainment chatbot

chatbot chung is a keywords based probabilities algorythm simple entertainment chatbot with 3D talking openGL avatars written in freebasic. It generates random questions/answers according to the input keywords or text but can import aiml simple question/answer or question/random/answers or single star/ multi srai data saved from "AIML_chung" open source application . Comes with a html5 and pure javascript online version (with auto detection of 44 multilanguages support include english, autodetect, francais, german, italian, spanish, greek, russian, arabic, chinese, vietnamese ...) .

click here =>      (9 Mo include html files)

note: desktop version is the more recent (AIML, SORT gentext )

online html5 version =>  chatbot_chung.html    (nothing to download, speaks with firefox & chrome)
                                                                            (added voice recognizing on google chrome)
                                                                            (added wikipedia online data)
with lowpoly model =>  chatbot_chung2.html    
the plus : more various answers , easy to add content to the current 90000 questions/answers data

full large version =>    

   (01/01/2015) single star (aiml) import added
(01/01/2015) export data to javascript added (ctrl+J)
(02/01/2015) html : yandex multilingual auto detection translate added  (en,fr,es,de,it,...)
(12/01/2015) aiml single srai & star support added
(03/09/2015) aiml multi srai  support added
(05/09/2015) aiml set vars, get vars added
(08/09/2015) aiml condition tag support added
(10/09/2015) say "battledome" then "fight" test added
(11/09/2015) aiml simple <that> tag test added
(14/09/2015) voice recognition added on google chrome
(15/09/2015) wikipedia online data added to html version
(19/09/2015) wikipedia unlimited data added to the freebasic version

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