Friday, September 2, 2016

face3D_libertybasic liberty basic demo of gui_chung_dll and speak3D_chung_dll 3D talking avatars in openGL

face3D_libertybasic is a liberty basic demo of gui_chung_dll and speak3D_chung_dll dll versions of face3D talking avatars in openGL . Contains also an example of easy creating an openGL window from a liberty basic graphicbox using gui_chung_dll .

you can find it here =>    (1.9Mo)


  1. This is cool but awkward to use. Its hard to know how to get new models working etc. There are many nice free models out there. Also the user interface cannot be scaled down.

    I would love to see a version without 3d models that just uses mp4 video avatars for different states - talking, not talking, actions (smile, frown) and a smaller/simpler user interface.

    If you would like video avatars to use (idle,talking,smiling etc- i will send some that you are welcome to include..

  2. send me this. I doubt i can find these videos of my favorites actrisses , but you dont need new 3D models , its the same for all (morphed) just the single face photo changes. the rest is stored in the small saved .avatar file .Have a look at face3D_chung .