Thursday, May 24, 2018

freewebcar_chung free 3D openstreetmap & bing static maps car / flight sim game in freebasic

freewebcar chung is a free 3D bing static maps / openstreetmap osm web car / foot / flight / balloon / horse simulator game with real world data and sandbox car traffic written in compiled freebasic using http/https web sockets and opengl . Visit thousands unlimited towns and airports in a real open world .osm realtime,save,load,reload on startup,add scenary as much as you want
requires 400 up to 890Mo free memory (warning is sent if fre(0)<50M => confirm reset scene)
can run on ordinary notebooks with intel hd graphics. Visit your home.
The view is larger and more beautifull than webgl.
If you use a firewall, http sockets must be granted.
Can export osm buildings to obj file.

you can find it there =>   

lite version (370M memory) =>      
sample video =>
          balloon =>
      new york  =>    
           copter  =>  
   rijeka island  =>      
(22/02/2017) retroviseur added
(31/03/2017) buildings & trees shadows added
(01/04/2017) buildings names added
(04/04/2017) ballon added
(25/04/2017) cars, panels, lamps, bridges shadows added
(26/04/2017) buildings parts details added   
(30/04/2017) ride horse added
(08/05/2017) draw seashore added
(04/06/2017) displays current road name
(25/07/2017) hand mouse mode added
(26/07/2017) night airports view added
(29/07/2017) flight in formation added (1..10 planes)
(02/08/2017) reduced memory use (redim) & warning added
(09/08/2017) bing maps imagery support added
(30/11/2017) tunnels added
(04/12/2017) copter added
(20/04/2018) cigale, sauterelle, cricket added
(15/05/2018) real time air traffic added
(22/07/2018) export near buildings to obj file added
(20/09/2018)  crops added




  1. Really nice, i like it a lot. Need some fix to be fully playable but it be enjoyable already.

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