Friday, February 16, 2018

piano sounds / panels settings for casio ctk6200 / wk6600 / wk7600 keyboard

here is a demo of my new casio ctk6200 keyboard with custom piano, song1, dsp and mixer settings.
played by midi chung and recorded with audacity

=> my piano   (uses flash player)

download my free ctk user tones userdata files (27/04/2018)
 (use with casio datamanager 6.1 or copy the MUSICDAT folder to a sdhc memory card)

tips: activate and record the sequencer at least once to add sequencer settings that enhance the overall sound even if you return to instrument mode or switch off and reuse the keyboard

however , for listening midifiles i prefer midipiano_chung , even if with midivelo_chung and the dual layer function the ctk6200 becomes fantastic .
you can also connect dsp_chung between lineout and linein of the ctk6200 to add external reverb and decay effect , i have added a "testloop" button to adjust gain to avoid feedback larsen oscillations .
note : the ctk6200 alone is not bad too.

example wiith dsp_chung

=> ctk_dsp    (uses flash player)
=> mixer_loop    (uses flash player)

i recently got the wk7600 casio its a great keyboard once you program your user piano sounds , a loop dsp dsp_chung can enhance it .
my userdata for wk7600 casio

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  1. I just got the same keyboard coincidentally around the same time-would appreciate being able to "compare notes" there's a few things I'm working on in terms of editing tones etc