Sunday, May 17, 2009

Echo_chung free audio input/output effect

echo_chung is a free stand alone real time audio wavein/waveout effect for your computer i have written in Liberty Basic

Choose your input/output audio ports and echo parameters , and echo will be sent.

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(25/06/2009) maximum echo volume raised
(12/09/2010) new version echotone_chung adds a 3bands tone equalizer on the echo signal

<= enlarge description : echo_chung is a compact,universal echo effect for your computer.It takes any sound from the selected input device (example: the system mixer) and sends its echo to the selected output device (example: the output speakers).You choose the volume and the delay echo time and can also recall previous presets settings. echotone_chung , a new version included,adds a 3bands tone equalizer on the echo signal.To install just unzip the zip file to c:\echo_chung folder.To launch just run echo_chung.exe or echotone_chung.exe .To uninstall just delete the unzipped folder.echo_chung is an Open source program written in Liberty Basic.

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