Sunday, May 17, 2009

midi_chung free midi player in Liberty Basic

midi_chung is a free midi player with delay on noteoff i have written in liberty basic

notes got longer by a time defined for each song (delay on noteoff)
tempo adjustable per song
auto volume adjustment
instrument selection
repeat 1/ a->b / rnd /all
smf 0/1
playlist double detection
autostop if launched twice
errors skipping
midi out port selection
color change

click there to download =>

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(15/06/2009) important ! bug making the program no longer works on windows 98 and other problems fixed !
description : midi_chung is a compact midi player with programable sustain (delay on noteoff),auto volume control,playlist,repeat,tempo,transpose,and instrument selection.You can also choose the midi output port to link with other midi applications like vsthost.It detects doubles in the playlist and can skip some error midi data.To install,just unzip the zip file in c:\midi_chung folder.To play,just run midi_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete the unzipped folder.midi_chung is an open source program written in Liberty Basic.

example of music recorded with midi_chung and echo_chung :
=> midi_chung_nemo.mp3

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