Friday, January 15, 2010

irr_chung a free 3D game in freebasic and irrlicht openGL

irr_chung is a free FPS/3rd person hack & slash /shooting 3D game i wrote in freebasic and irrlicht openGL.

You can explore the vast nature game area , find persos or hunt monsters.
If your health is low, look for a potion.

click here => (11.5Mo)  19/09/2010

tips : to swich to fps camera mode , set weapon off (W) , click left mouse, then set weapon on (W)
to swich to 3rd person dwarf mode , press (V) key.
can run on a small netbook

(19/01/2010) new monster : giant ant added
(06/02/2010) change fog param added
(06/02/2010) black ant added
(08/02/2010) declare war added
(11/02/2010) change terrain maps added (0..3) (road added)
(12/02/2010) custom my_irr_wrapper.dll
(16/02/2010) change terrain detail added (0..4)
(17/02/2010) persos added
(18/02/2010) spiders added
(20/02/2010) inventory added [i]
(22/02/2010) hit jump added
(22/02/2010) gnome added
(02/03/2010) change sky added (night,dawn,day)
(06/03/2010) chest of sight added
(17/03/2010) gun shoot added
(18/03/2010) amunition added
(25/03/2010) change trees number added (1000..15000)
(31/03/2010) edit trees map added
(02/04/2010) persos are moving
(03/04/2010) rocks and number change added
(06/04/2010) change grass added (0=rnd ,1..7)
(11/04/2010) water added
(14/04/2010) river added (map6)
(16/04/2010) change water height added
(18/04/2010) swimm added
(20/04/2010) start panel added
(22/04/2010) num0/button3 => switch gun/meele weapon
(24/04/2010) butterflys added (1..20) ctrl+B
(26/04/2010) lion added
(27/04/2010) tiger added
(27/04/2010) dinosaur added
(30/04/2010) change terrain texture scale added (1..100) (default=5)
(16/07/2010) potion color changed , so it is easyer to find
(19/09/2010) 3rd person dwarf view mode added
(10/11/2010) enhanced sunshine
(07/05/2012) sky changed

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description : irr_chung is a compact 3D FPS/3rd person hack & slash /shooting irrlicht openGL game with terrain relief,rocks,trees,moving grass,houses,persos and monsters.Explore the vast nature game area , find persos or hunt monsters.To install just unzip the zip file  into c:\irr_chung folder.To play just run irr_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete unzipped folder. Joysticks and gamepad supported.irr_chung is an Open source program written in compiled freeBasic and irrlicht openGL .Source file is included in the zip file.


  1. Hello,

    Any chance of you releasing the sources of your games and giving linux compile instructions?