Monday, December 28, 2009

load3DS_chung.dll a free dll to load 3ds objects

load3DS_chung.dll is a free dll to instant load 3ds objects in openGL , for example into a GLlist you can recall later.
it loads multi objects with textures (to be set by the calling program)

here is a demo i have inserted in my game flightGL_chung
=> (11/10/2010)(old version)

dll file only and code source (dev C++)(old version)

openGL loadobj3ds obj/3ds loader in freebasic =>
(07/08/2013) (4Mo)(new version)
(last version of 2 dlls included + viewobj3ds obj/3ds enhanced viewer)

readme_DLL.txt => load3ds_readmedll.JPG

(26/05/2010) normals added
(14/03/2014) load3DSsizeptr , draw3DSptr direct to/from memory


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