Wednesday, June 5, 2013

circuit_chung free 3D road car racing game in freebasic and openGL

circuit_chung is a free 3D circuit road car racing game with random maps (1-99) generation , written in freebasic and openGL. Explore vastes areas,  find towns or start racing. Can run on a small netbook with windows 7. Include garden_chung small edit home garden game with trees, grasses, flowers .

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(08/06/2013) high fps car speed behavior changed
(10/06/2013) cockpit view added
(05/07/2013) some cockpits added
(11/07/2013) 3ways roads, highways added
(16/07/2013) random racing circuit + road/circuit mode switch
(17/07/2013) start racing and circuit scale added
(20/07/2013) lighting and car lightspot added
(21/07/2013) turns and crossroad panels added
(23/07/2013) towns added
(01/08/2013) some 3rd person view 3D cars added
(10/08/2013) redlights, manual gears added
(14/08/2013) persos3D_chung walker persos added
(03/09/2013) midipiano_chungDLL radio added (ctrl+A)
(24/09/2013) radio nbsounds bug corrected + stations added
(27/02/2014) edit home garden with trees,grass,flowers added
(01/03/2014) settle home function added
(03/03/2014) draw seashore with waves added
(12/03/2014) gps and track police car added
(14/03/2014) draw police car collide damages added
(16/03/2014) rocs, seasons, cpu%, mem% added
(23/03/2014) gasstation, carb, destructible police car added 

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