Sunday, September 1, 2013

midipiano_chungDLL free dll player version of midipiano_chung

midipiano_chungDLL is a free dll midi player version of midipiano_chung piano synth / expander . It can be called by any program (basic, c++, ...) with simple api to play midirec or mid files. Freebasic and cpp examples are provided. Can run on a small netbook . It is used in circuit_chung radio , Tilecity_chung and minimidi_chung midi player (included).

=>    (5Mo)

(04/09/2013) used in circuit_chung's radio
(04/09/2013) minimidi_chung small midi player added
(24/09/2013) nbsounds overload bug corrected
(25/09/2013) minimidi_chung 4 stations midi folders added 
(28/09/2013) vu-meter added + anti saturation prog restored
(29/09/2013) used in Tilecity_chung's radio

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