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midipiano_chung free standalone virtual midi piano synthesizer/expander

midipiano_chung is a free standalone virtual midi acoustic piano synth/expander (the best for me) with samples based sounds and originals dsps effects (keyrev,keytone(keys dependent), rev,equ,velo, autovol, compressor,delay, external audio plugin).It is connected to the selected midi input ports (up to 3 if any) and midiout(thru) of your computer or a inscreen keyboard or the computer's keyboard. Easily customizable by adding or modifying sound files (mp3,wav) in the ./sounds/ folder. Load,save effects settings ,or presets(all settings).It is written in compiled freebasic and uses fbsound(freebasic) with 128 notes polyphony / 15 channels.Works well as midi output for midi_chung midi player or with a midi usb piano keyboard. Can run on a small netbook . Includes a midi recorder / player with autostart,autostop after 14sec blanks, save, load as .midirec files (compatible with midirec_chung for editing and exporting to midifiles). Autochord , themeonly, learn (play to chord) functions added to recorder/player . can record and import export to midifiles.can quantize (trial) to midifile.

=>  (18Mo)

sample songs with midi_chung and Audacity
=> piano7.mp3
=> piano9.mp3
=> piano8.mp3
=> piano9_2.mp3
=> piano9_b2.mp3
=> piano7_3.mp3
=> piano7_best2

about latency : estimate latency as 4 buffer length time (modified fbsound), so on my small netbook with window7 when i get 130 samples buffer length, it is the same latency as one 130*4=520 samples directsound buffer i can get with Cantabile Lite VST Host, which is acceptable. Included effects : all effects are done at once in the same audio loop, so there is no latency added due to them even with those in plugin/plugin2 folders, which may not be the case if you use one external vst per effect.

(17/05/2011) piano5 added , enhanced load wav sounds speed(x10)
(19/05/2011) velocity curves and selection added [V] key
(22/05/2011) piano6 added
(23/05/2011) piano7 added
(25/05/2011) [K] keboard volume layout and edit added
(27/05/2011) some delay on noteoff added (to render short notes)
(29/05/2011) some bugs fixes
(04/06/2011) delay on noteoff edit added (sustain 50...1000ms)
(05/06/2011) switchable autovol added  (automatic volume control)
(06/06/2011) compressor added (autovolcomp ,autovolcomp2)
(09/06/2011) reverb1,reverb2,reverb3(+edit) added
(10/06/2011) save, load reverb/keyvol added
(12/06/2011) equalizer added
(19/06/2011) keytone (note dependant equalizer) added
(22/06/2011) keyrev ( key dependant reverb ) added
(20/08/2011) piano8 added
(30/08/2011) mp3 version + volume control added
(30/08/2011) presets (load,save) all settings  added
(01/09/2011) piano keyboard added
(02/09/2011) presets piano,piano1...piano8 added
(19/09/2011) piano8 changed, piano9 added
(22/09/2011) enhanced piano8 + presets
(25/09/2011) enhanced piano9
(01/10/2011) select midi input port added [M]
(02/10/2011) select output buffer size added [M]
 (11/01/2012) keytone2 cross-tone version of keytone added
(03/06/2012) F1...F12 to play from computer keyboard
(04/06/2012) animated keyboard (shows played notes)
(10/06/2012) sounds variations types -7...+7 added [I][O]keys
(21/06/2012) midiout(thru) port selection added
(21/06/2012) buffers resized, low latency + modifs fbsound
(22/06/2012) midi input2 port added
(28/06/2012) midi input3 port added
(29/06/2012) autovolmidi, vumeter added
(30/06/2012) Epiano10 added
(01/07/2012) bmp icon buttons added
(04/07/2012) user1...user5 icons added
(07/07/2012) midi recorder / player added
(16/07/2012) audio plugin support added
(17/07/2012) 3band gain/equ/cross plugin example added
(17/07/2012) audio plugin2 support added
(19/07/2012) myecho.dll plugin added
(01/08/2012) my4echo.dll plugin added (no latency added)
(22/08/2012) import midifiles in the recorder added
(07/12/2012) piano11 Rhodes + user4.preset added
(26/12/2012) dual keyrev/velocity (0...4) added
(01/01/2013) lossless export to wav file added
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(10/02/2013) towave32.bits added
(28/08/2013) user1, _external_keyboard.preset added
(29/08/2013) antisaturation added to noautovol mode
(29/08/2013) noautovolcomp,comp2,comp3,comp4 added
(19/09/2013) attack+decay modifier, chorus presets added
(02/10/2013) organ15 + organ.preset + organ support added
(04/10/2013) midivol baxandall (low, high, midkey) added [E]
(01/11/2013) automod (automodulation rate) added [V]
(17/11/2013) sound speed (50..200)% added [D]
(21/06/2014) autochord , themeonly, learn (chords) added
(27/11/2016) export to midifile added  [W]+[S]+[T]
(13/08/2018) midi quantization to midifile added 

midifiles i recommand to you =>  carpenters midifile  
there you can find Bill Evans midifiles  =>  
if you dont have midi input port on your system , you can install Virtual Midi Cable Maple (you can find it on the web, it is freeware) then in midi_chung select midi : Maple midi out port 1 as midi out port. On windows 8.1 64bits use loopMidi . Can run without midi port with the integrated midi recorder/player.

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  1. You do alot of the stuff I haven't gotten around to doing yet and you do it well. I am impress.

    ~Kiyote Wolf [From FreeBasic Forum]