Tuesday, December 4, 2012

fb_chungVST multi effects VST loading simplified dlls / 4echo baxandall peekenhancer

fb_chungVST is an audio multi effects VST loading simplified dlls written in high level language (like freebasic) .you can add a simplified dll plugin in the /plugin/ /plugin2/ /plugin3/ folders it will be automaticaly recognized and loaded. Included my4echo_chungVST example (4 combined echos) , baxandall  eq and peekenhancer effect .
Just define the following dll cdecl functions :
plugininit : your init sub 
startpluginmain : start your gui window edit
closepluginmain : called to close the gui window edit
mypluginproc : called as sample=mypluginproc(sample) in the audio loop
myecho.dll / my3band.dll / my4echo.dll / mybaxandall.dll / peekenhancer.dll  with code source are provided as example (freebasic) .
the dlls can be easily written in freebasic or any dll compatible language (c++,VBasic,...),giving you easy access to high level programming facilities (file access,gui windows,graghics) without needing special knowledge of the VST sdk (c++).

=> https://sourceforge.net/projects/fbchungvst/  

(01/02/2013) peekenhancer, baxandall low/high eq added

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