Saturday, December 29, 2012

midipiano_chungVSTI vsti instrument version of midipiano_chung

midipiano_chungVSTI is a free vst instrument plugin older version of midipiano_chung virtual acoustic piano synthesizer / expander , for use with a Vst Host. Can run on a small netbook .

you can find it there
=>    (17Mo)  

(04/08/2012) some changes, tested on Cantabile Lite and VSThost.
(22/08/2012) import midifiles in recorder added
(23/08/2012) dont work with Reaper neither for rap (or you'll have to select "bypass audio while opening plugin" in vst preferences)
(23/08/2012) tested on Savihost
(07/12/2012) piano11 Rhodes + user4.preset icon added
(28/12/2012) dual keyrev/velocity added
(01/01/2013) lossless export to wav file added
(14/01/2013) switchable 16 to 32 bits output buffer and effects
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(17/01/2013) plugin3 added
(26/01/2013) max buffersize raised from 512 to 4096 (didnt work with buffersize higher than 512, only lower)
(10/02/2013) towave32.bits added
(28/08/2013) user1, _external_keyboard.preset added
(29/08/2013) antisaturation added to noautovol mode
(29/08/2013) noautovolcomp,comp2,comp3,comp4 added
(02/10/2013) load preset menu bug corrected
(02/10/2013) organ15 + organ.preset + organ support added
(01/11/2013) automod (automodulation rate) added [V]

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