Monday, December 17, 2012

freemp3_chung free MP3 player with multi DSP in freebasic

freemp3_chung is a free compact MP3 player with multi DSP (switchable automatic volume control, compressor, speed, reverberation, equalizer, with edit,save and load), presets, plugins support, playlist and repeats.It is written in compiled freebasic and uses fbsound.Can also read wav files. New fantastic 32bits sound, to try.

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(21/06/2011) small bug (remove song) corrected
 + right mouse -> toogle playlist/main view + wheel on playlist
(08/07/2011) status bar, 32bits dsp
(10/10/2011) frequency spectrum added [F9]
(17/12/2012) presets (load,save), equalizer2 crosstone added
(17/12/2012) audio plugins support added (see examples)
(10/01/2013) can open wav files
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(26/01/2013) small spectrum display added
(27/01/2013) custom skin selection added [X][C]keys
(31/01/2013) plugin4,plugin5 added
(01/02/2013) plugin6, baxandall.dll eq added
(06/02/2013) mp3 stream in 32bits float (24bits M.A.D. resolution)

about resolution :
power of x       : x*x
power of dx     : dx*dx which is neglictable if lower than 16bits resolution
power of x+dx : (x+dx)*(x+dx)= x*x + dx*dx + 2*x*dx  there is a 2*x*dx intermodulation factor which is not neglictable


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