Saturday, December 29, 2012

midipiano_chungVSTI vsti instrument version of midipiano_chung

midipiano_chungVSTI is a free vst instrument plugin older version of midipiano_chung virtual acoustic piano synthesizer / expander , for use with a Vst Host. Can run on a small netbook .

you can find it there
=>    (17Mo)  

(04/08/2012) some changes, tested on Cantabile Lite and VSThost.
(22/08/2012) import midifiles in recorder added
(23/08/2012) dont work with Reaper neither for rap (or you'll have to select "bypass audio while opening plugin" in vst preferences)
(23/08/2012) tested on Savihost
(07/12/2012) piano11 Rhodes + user4.preset icon added
(28/12/2012) dual keyrev/velocity added
(01/01/2013) lossless export to wav file added
(14/01/2013) switchable 16 to 32 bits output buffer and effects
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(17/01/2013) plugin3 added
(26/01/2013) max buffersize raised from 512 to 4096 (didnt work with buffersize higher than 512, only lower)
(10/02/2013) towave32.bits added
(28/08/2013) user1, _external_keyboard.preset added
(29/08/2013) antisaturation added to noautovol mode
(29/08/2013) noautovolcomp,comp2,comp3,comp4 added
(02/10/2013) load preset menu bug corrected
(02/10/2013) organ15 + organ.preset + organ support added
(01/11/2013) automod (automodulation rate) added [V]

midipiano_chung free standalone virtual midi piano synthesizer/expander

midipiano_chung is a free standalone virtual midi acoustic piano synth/expander (the best for me) with samples based sounds and originals dsps effects (keyrev,keytone(keys dependent), rev,equ,velo, autovol, compressor,delay, external audio plugin).It is connected to the selected midi input ports (up to 3 if any) and midiout(thru) of your computer or a inscreen keyboard or the computer's keyboard. Easily customizable by adding or modifying sound files (mp3,wav) in the ./sounds/ folder. Load,save effects settings ,or presets(all settings).It is written in compiled freebasic and uses fbsound(freebasic) with 128 notes polyphony / 15 channels.Works well as midi output for midi_chung midi player or with a midi usb piano keyboard. Can run on a small netbook . Includes a midi recorder / player with autostart,autostop after 14sec blanks, save, load as .midirec files (compatible with midirec_chung for editing and exporting to midifiles). Autochord , themeonly, learn (play to chord) functions added to recorder/player . can record and import export to midifiles.can quantize (trial) to midifile.

=>  (18Mo)

sample songs with midi_chung and Audacity
=> piano7.mp3
=> piano9.mp3
=> piano8.mp3
=> piano9_2.mp3
=> piano9_b2.mp3
=> piano7_3.mp3
=> piano7_best2

about latency : estimate latency as 4 buffer length time (modified fbsound), so on my small netbook with window7 when i get 130 samples buffer length, it is the same latency as one 130*4=520 samples directsound buffer i can get with Cantabile Lite VST Host, which is acceptable. Included effects : all effects are done at once in the same audio loop, so there is no latency added due to them even with those in plugin/plugin2 folders, which may not be the case if you use one external vst per effect.

(17/05/2011) piano5 added , enhanced load wav sounds speed(x10)
(19/05/2011) velocity curves and selection added [V] key
(22/05/2011) piano6 added
(23/05/2011) piano7 added
(25/05/2011) [K] keboard volume layout and edit added
(27/05/2011) some delay on noteoff added (to render short notes)
(29/05/2011) some bugs fixes
(04/06/2011) delay on noteoff edit added (sustain 50...1000ms)
(05/06/2011) switchable autovol added  (automatic volume control)
(06/06/2011) compressor added (autovolcomp ,autovolcomp2)
(09/06/2011) reverb1,reverb2,reverb3(+edit) added
(10/06/2011) save, load reverb/keyvol added
(12/06/2011) equalizer added
(19/06/2011) keytone (note dependant equalizer) added
(22/06/2011) keyrev ( key dependant reverb ) added
(20/08/2011) piano8 added
(30/08/2011) mp3 version + volume control added
(30/08/2011) presets (load,save) all settings  added
(01/09/2011) piano keyboard added
(02/09/2011) presets piano,piano1...piano8 added
(19/09/2011) piano8 changed, piano9 added
(22/09/2011) enhanced piano8 + presets
(25/09/2011) enhanced piano9
(01/10/2011) select midi input port added [M]
(02/10/2011) select output buffer size added [M]
 (11/01/2012) keytone2 cross-tone version of keytone added
(03/06/2012) F1...F12 to play from computer keyboard
(04/06/2012) animated keyboard (shows played notes)
(10/06/2012) sounds variations types -7...+7 added [I][O]keys
(21/06/2012) midiout(thru) port selection added
(21/06/2012) buffers resized, low latency + modifs fbsound
(22/06/2012) midi input2 port added
(28/06/2012) midi input3 port added
(29/06/2012) autovolmidi, vumeter added
(30/06/2012) Epiano10 added
(01/07/2012) bmp icon buttons added
(04/07/2012) user1...user5 icons added
(07/07/2012) midi recorder / player added
(16/07/2012) audio plugin support added
(17/07/2012) 3band gain/equ/cross plugin example added
(17/07/2012) audio plugin2 support added
(19/07/2012) myecho.dll plugin added
(01/08/2012) my4echo.dll plugin added (no latency added)
(22/08/2012) import midifiles in the recorder added
(07/12/2012) piano11 Rhodes + user4.preset added
(26/12/2012) dual keyrev/velocity (0...4) added
(01/01/2013) lossless export to wav file added
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(10/02/2013) towave32.bits added
(28/08/2013) user1, _external_keyboard.preset added
(29/08/2013) antisaturation added to noautovol mode
(29/08/2013) noautovolcomp,comp2,comp3,comp4 added
(19/09/2013) attack+decay modifier, chorus presets added
(02/10/2013) organ15 + organ.preset + organ support added
(04/10/2013) midivol baxandall (low, high, midkey) added [E]
(01/11/2013) automod (automodulation rate) added [V]
(17/11/2013) sound speed (50..200)% added [D]
(21/06/2014) autochord , themeonly, learn (chords) added
(27/11/2016) export to midifile added  [W]+[S]+[T]
(13/08/2018) midi quantization to midifile added 

midifiles i recommand to you =>  carpenters midifile  
there you can find Bill Evans midifiles  =>  
if you dont have midi input port on your system , you can install Virtual Midi Cable Maple (you can find it on the web, it is freeware) then in midi_chung select midi : Maple midi out port 1 as midi out port. On windows 8.1 64bits use loopMidi . Can run without midi port with the integrated midi recorder/player.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

freemp3_chungVST free VST plugin mp3 player

freemp3_chungVST is a free VST plugin version of freemp3_chung mp3 player (with playlist, effects, plugins, presets...) , to use with a VST host. It is written in c++ and compiled freebasic, and uses fbsound (vsti version).Can also read wav files.

click here =>

(19/12/2012) tested on Cantabile lite , Vsthost
(19/12/2012) tested on Reaper (you'll have to select "bypass audio while opening plugin" in vst preferences)
(19/12/2012) tested on Savihost
(30/12/2012) some bugs correction (could hang cantabile)
(10/01/2013) can open wav files
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(26/01/2013) small spectrum display added
(27/01/2013) custom skin selection added [X][C]keys
(06/02/2013) mp3 stream in 32bits float (24bits M.A.D. resolution)
(07/02/2013) switchable mad32.bits/mad16.bits decoder resolution

Monday, December 17, 2012

freemp3_chung free MP3 player with multi DSP in freebasic

freemp3_chung is a free compact MP3 player with multi DSP (switchable automatic volume control, compressor, speed, reverberation, equalizer, with edit,save and load), presets, plugins support, playlist and repeats.It is written in compiled freebasic and uses fbsound.Can also read wav files. New fantastic 32bits sound, to try.

click here => 

(21/06/2011) small bug (remove song) corrected
 + right mouse -> toogle playlist/main view + wheel on playlist
(08/07/2011) status bar, 32bits dsp
(10/10/2011) frequency spectrum added [F9]
(17/12/2012) presets (load,save), equalizer2 crosstone added
(17/12/2012) audio plugins support added (see examples)
(10/01/2013) can open wav files
(16/01/2013) peekenhancer plugin added
(26/01/2013) small spectrum display added
(27/01/2013) custom skin selection added [X][C]keys
(31/01/2013) plugin4,plugin5 added
(01/02/2013) plugin6, baxandall.dll eq added
(06/02/2013) mp3 stream in 32bits float (24bits M.A.D. resolution)

about resolution :
power of x       : x*x
power of dx     : dx*dx which is neglictable if lower than 16bits resolution
power of x+dx : (x+dx)*(x+dx)= x*x + dx*dx + 2*x*dx  there is a 2*x*dx intermodulation factor which is not neglictable


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

fb_chungVST multi effects VST loading simplified dlls / 4echo baxandall peekenhancer

fb_chungVST is an audio multi effects VST loading simplified dlls written in high level language (like freebasic) .you can add a simplified dll plugin in the /plugin/ /plugin2/ /plugin3/ folders it will be automaticaly recognized and loaded. Included my4echo_chungVST example (4 combined echos) , baxandall  eq and peekenhancer effect .
Just define the following dll cdecl functions :
plugininit : your init sub 
startpluginmain : start your gui window edit
closepluginmain : called to close the gui window edit
mypluginproc : called as sample=mypluginproc(sample) in the audio loop
myecho.dll / my3band.dll / my4echo.dll / mybaxandall.dll / peekenhancer.dll  with code source are provided as example (freebasic) .
the dlls can be easily written in freebasic or any dll compatible language (c++,VBasic,...),giving you easy access to high level programming facilities (file access,gui windows,graghics) without needing special knowledge of the VST sdk (c++).


(01/02/2013) peekenhancer, baxandall low/high eq added

Monday, December 3, 2012

midirec_chung a free midi recorder in Liberty Basic

midirec_chung is a simple free midi recorder i have programmed in Liberty Basic v4.03

> midi input port selection
> record,play,thru
> load,save,export to midifile
> auto remove leading and trailing blanks
> input timestamp prevents time loss
> up to 200.000 events recorded
> edit function (start,end,cursor,save,export,cut,undo,redo)
> auto pause recording after 20 sec blanks
> instrument and volume selection

click here to download => (1.7Mo)

myspace playlist => 

example of use : record a song on your technics kn1400 keyboard and transfer it to your computer with midirec via a midi usb cable without having to use the floppy disk device.
Improvise non-stop on your midi keyboard then select with the editor the zones (start/end) you want to save.
tips: if you make a note mistake, repeat playing until the phrase is ok, then cut the wrong part with the editor when finished recording.

(14/02/2010) mute added
(10/03/2010) edit added
(01/04/2010) change instrument and volume added
(22/09/2010) save instrument in export midifile if any
(25/06/2012) some bugs corrected
(26/06/2012) midiout (play) port selection added
(02/12/2012) zoom,cut,undo,redo added
(03/12/2012) right mouse on editor = fast play

<= enlarge

example of music recorded with midirec_chung and reproduced with midi_chung and echo_chung => my playlist

description : midirec_chung is a simple free midi recorder with midi input port selection,intrument and volume setting, record,play,thru, load,save,export to midifile, auto remove leading and trailing blanks, edit function (start,end,cursor,save,export) and auto recording pause after 20 sec blanks.Record your non-stop keyboard playing, then select start/end with the editor and save your work. To install,just unzip the zip file in c:\midirec_chung folder.To play,just run midirec_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete unzipped folder. midirec_chung is an Open source program written in Liberty Basic.Source code is included in the zip file.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

minimp3_chung free small mp3 folder player

minimp3_chung is a free small mp3 folder player written in compiled freebasic. Copy the program in your mp3's folder or copy mp3 files in the same folder as minimp3_chung.exe application , double click on the application then it will play the mp3 files with a stunning quality.

you can find it there


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MyDDDungeonsGL free 3D roguelike mod of DDDungeons

MyDDDungeonsGL is a free 3D openGL version of Deep Deadly Dungeons, Search for The Crown of alegare (free open source freebasic roguelike game) i have made from a game by  Richard Clark .Can run on a small netbook.

Added : 16->32 pixels sprites, window resized, animations, joystick, 3D openGL view + textures + lighting + more monsters

you can find it there =>   (3.5 Mo)

(13/10/2012) fullscreen mode added (F9)
(14/10/2012) player1..8 , prev/nextlevel  memory added
(16/10/2012) shop added (G) + fullscreen mode corrected
(22/10/2012) gothic font added
(23/10/2012) land level0 added
(24/10/2012) orbs easier to find
(24/10/2012) spider,velociraptor,gnome,war ogre,giant spider
(25/10/2012) doom,demon,wing demon,war angel,evil spider
(26/10/2012) evil scorpion,chest, rednaga, greennaga,cobra
(28/10/2012) two handed weapons give twice damage
(08/11/2012) evil orc,red dragon,blue dragon,savage ogre
(16/06/2013) TTS voice added
(02/04/2014) myDDDungeonsGL_french version added

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tilecity_chung free modified version of Tilecity3D openGL car/flight/town game

Tilecity_chung is a free 3D car in the city building game from an openb3d demo by Ogg ( added car / flight / tank simulator + edit , load , save map + cars traffic + gui windows + heightmaps + car racing + houses + trees + grass + skydome + sounds + performances boost + shooting +boats  + tanks +  redlights + stops + lamps + heighmaps edit)

 It is written in compiled  freebasic and uses openB3D (open source b3d blitzmax game engine for freebasic). Source code is included in the zip file.Can run on a small netbook with windows 7.

Create a map file (text format 64x64) and explore a 3D openGL town with sea, towers, roads, highways, mounts, trees, houses, grass .
Drive cars among the town traffic , start races against computer driven cars, take a flight by plane to the airport or follow the other flying around cessna, pilot a tank , or shoot them down.
Edit the map with the integrated editor and look instantly your 3D creations.

Gamepad and joysticks supported.

click there =>

(17/12/2011) shooting cars and plane added
(21/12/2011) warship and radar added
(22/12/2011) tank cannon added
(30/12/2011) tanks (1..10) combat added
(11/08/2012) coloured buildings added
(12/08/2012) standard roads lines added
(14/08/2012) redlights and cars stop added
(15/08/2012) stops and lamps added
(16/08/2012) heightmaps edit,save,load,scale added
(17/08/2012) openB3d.dll updated (could cause memory leak)
(24/08/2012) look left/right/rear with hat/Right joystick/1,2 keys
(26/08/2012) gearbox (manual, automatic) added
(28/08/2012) Vumeter added , Lshift+arrows = look around
(29/08/2012) multi towertypes + textures added
(04/09/2012) pyramids changed to pines
(05/09/2012) car dynamics changed
(09/09/2012) car suspensions added
(10/09/2012) rear gear , carhorn added
(11/09/2012) handbrakes [ctrl], lights [L] added
(13/09/2012) gasStations added
(14/09/2012) customize vehicles added
(21/09/2012) commercials added
(23/09/2012) persos added
(24/09/2012) fog added [ctrl+F]
(24/09/2012) virages & priority panels added
(27/09/2012) stop2,stop3,editmap( flyto) added
(28/09/2012) increased custom weight effect
(01/10/2012) parkings added ("=" key)
(06/10/2012) shadows added (ctrl+S)
(11/11/2012) enhanced shadow, 3D walkers
(12/11/2012) radio added (ctrl+A)
(29/09/2013) midipiano_chungDLL radio added

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AIMLscintilla_chung free AIML editor with test run using scintilla and AIML_chung

AIMLscintilla_chung is an AIML editor with test run feature using scintilla and AIML_chung free standalone chatbot . Edit and test aiml chat bot files.


Friday, March 2, 2012

gui_chung_dll a dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows in any language

gui_chung_dll is an older dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows with graphics in any language , as c/c++, freebasic, with simple syntax inspired from Liberty Basic easy gui coding (buttons, combobox, edittext, statictext, listbox, menu, graphicbox,...). Includes creation of openGL windows and guiloadtexture from jpg with alpha, and gfx graphics windows drawing. It is based on windows api and is written in compiled freebasic (freeware).

click here =>

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

loadmd2_chung free dll to load 3D md2 models into openGL

loadmd2_chung is a free dll to load 3D md2 animated models into openGL. It is written in compiled freebasic, but can be called by any other current programming language.

click there =>

(29/02/2012) call examples in LibertyBasic added
(20/03/2012) MD2setnodetexpos (adjust texture position, scale, rotation) added

Friday, February 24, 2012

TTS_chung_dll free dll interface for TTS text to speech SAPI5

TTS_chung_dll is a very simple dll interface for TTS text to speech (SAPI5) written in freebasic to use with any programming language .Comes with c++ , LibertyBasic and freebasic calling examples. Accepts XML tags.
example of call :


Saturday, February 4, 2012

AIML_chung a free AIML standalone chatbot engine with dll in freebasic

AIML_chung is a free AIML standalone chat bot engine trial with dll , maths parser, synonyms substitutions , speech voices , and 3D photorealistics avatars, i have programmed in freebasic from scratch.Comes with GUI window and console examples, and a dll to use with other programming languages or to easily embed in your applications. Talk with your A.I. computer.

you can find it there =>  

(08/02/2012) learn features added
(09/02/2012) multi users feature added (say "my name is ...")
(10/02/2012) some bugs corrected
(12/02/2012) 3D openGL avatar added
(13/02/2012) <condition> bugs corrected + battledome.aiml
(16/02/2012) <maths></maths> features added
(17/02/2012) <think> bugs corrected
(18/02/2012) + test examples in c++ and LibertyBasicv4
(19/02/2012) AIMLclose() sub added to dll (to free memory)
(22/02/2012) my_espeak_dll + custom espeak voices menu added
(24/02/2012) TTS_chung_dll custom text to speech interface added
(26/02/2012) synonyms feature added
(28/02/2012) badanswer works (say "bad answer")
(07/03/2012) some bugs corrected, helen, anna, rebecca bots added
(16/03/2012) speaking 3D photorealistics avatars added
(20/03/2012) jean,audrey,ingrid,elise,carole,sophie avatars added
(24/03/2012) edit my_avatar added
(26/03/2012) 3D world mode added
(03/04/2012) enhanced espeak voices + avatar speaking
(05/03/2012) max number of categories raised to 250.000